With so many communication channels, is your team really ‘hearing’?

internal communications

Today we are not only faced with the ever-changing challenges of communicating with audiences outside our businesses, but we are confronted by new challenges internally as change becomes the norm and communicating a shared vision becomes more vital than ever.

Good internal communications practice involves regular and effective two-way dialogue between management and staff, suppliers, producers and distributors. It’s about understanding and developing the right kind of relationships, creating advocacy and loyalty, improving morale and engendering a sense of pride amongst the workforce. It’s not just about being heard, it is also about being seen to have listened.

When did you last look at the effectiveness of communications within the walls of your organisation?

Office gossip can destroy relationships, trust and reputation, and when combined with the rise and easy access of social media, you can face the threat of an unfounded but never the less damaging rumour spreading around the world, let alone the office, in seconds. There is no definitive solution to the potential problem but there are steps you can take to limit and cope with the results. Able communications will advise you on how you can instil discretion in the workplace, without unnecessarily constraining your employees.

We understand you need insightful and often objective, emotionally detached help when you are confronted with the more complex communication issues that your business has to handle. We can help you create the right strategy to develop and deliver the most persuasive or reassuring messages. From your induction programmes through to redundancy announcements, we can help you find the most appropriate way to engage with your employees.

Whether your organisation is small or large, formal or informal, the best results will always be generated when internal communications efforts and resources are given just as much thought as your external communications.

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