It’s not what you say but how you say it that counts

telemarketingOften it’s how you go about it that stops your potential customer from putting the phone down on you!
Telemarketing is a vital weapon in the modern communicator’s armoury and, especially in the business to business arena; it pays off, day after day, by generating new leads, appointments and product sales.

We can offer the full range of telemarketing services across all business sectors in the UK, Europe and USA – tele-research, outbound marketing services and inbound call handling. And we are able to help you with questionnaire design, scripting, database sourcing and cleansing, analysis and report writing too.

Computer-aided telephony can also provide an invaluable tool for conducting market research, helping you gather the feedback you need to uncover valuable insights, fine-tune your marketing strategies and improve your service and sales performance.

If your business is looking for more business, or you hate cold-calling, our telemarketing help could be for you.

Maybe you hope to develop your internal telemarketing strategy and expertise. Able communications can help you audit or train your own staff and, using decades of experience and our proven expertise, we can help you get better results from your own telemarketing teams.

Telemarketing is one of the oldest, and most popular, marketing practices used today for the simple reason that it works!

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