The more things change, the more they remain the same

social mediaEveryone seems to be talking about social media but what does it all mean and how do you formulate the right strategy? We will help you separate the hype from the facts and introduce you to everything social media has to offer. Some social platforms we can help you take advantage of are:

  • Facebook – an online social networking service that has the most number of followers. This platform is best for spreading general useful information, running competitions and building a community with whom you can communicate with and to.
  • Twitter – perfect for short, promotional updates on limited offers and news updates about your business: you can share tweets with specific connections and retweet relevant updates to build your presence.
  • YouTube – the internet’s largest video sharing site which lets you optimise tutorial videos, blogs and improve your website’s ranking with relevant links.
  • LinkedIn – ideal for reputation management, promoting expert status, building a niche following and engaging in expert discussions.
  • Google Plus – a medium permitting you to manage and build online reputation through niche networks.

The internet has transformed and modernised how marketing, media and publicity campaigns are run. In order to fully grasp the potential of social media, organisations have to recognise that they can no longer control the message, merely that they can influence it. With the world’s consumers becoming more cynical, more vocal and more influential than ever, social media is the most immediate way to spread your message and impart your take on things to large targeted audiences.

Often, the most successful approach is one that includes both traditional communications and innovative social media strategies. We combine social media elements such as blogging, viral marketing, networking and search engine optimisation with relationship development to get your word out to journalists as well as your customers and the important audiences who influence their opinions and decisions.

Not only do you want to reach your prospective clients with persuasive sales messages and calls to action but, to prove your real value, you need to engage in conversations and interact with your followers, fans and friends. Able communications understands the media world, and will help you create a powerful social strategy which will result in more followers, extra buzz, more customers and better business.

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