Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn – Benjamin Franklin

mentoringIn our experience we have found as markets are becoming more competitive, many employers have felt mentoring works as a catalyst, enabling their staff to develop additional skills, achieve higher goals, gain confidence and produce greater levels of performance.

Through our training needs analysis, we will be able to help you identify and establish the correct training for your staff that will benefit and support your end goals for the business. Our solutions are clear and will help you establish the right skill sets your employees need – bringing true value to your business.

Sharing knowledge and experiences with another person can be particularly rewarding and not just for the individual doing the mentoring. By working with an inspirational, motivated and experienced mentor from able communications, any member of staff can kick-start their learning. Our mentoring programmes help guide, advise and support junior members of staff who lack experience or particular expertise. By mentoring and training we help them cultivate and develop enhanced skill sets and greater confidence in the workplace.

And it’s not just a service for the young or inexperienced! We provide mentoring help for senior executives who would like to benefit from our wider industry perspective or specialist communications expertise. On occasion, our mentors are even used as a sounding board for new business ideas and sensitive internal matters because clients don’t have the appropriate internal support structures available to them.

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