Don’t let others control your reputation

public relationsAll our PR campaigns are specific in meeting the needs of your business and its objectives. We create each PR strategy from scratch and don’t use set templates nor do we re-use ideas from other clients taking advantage of our services. We will create a unique campaign especially for your product or service and invest our time in researching and understanding your customers’ requirements and media consumption habits. Able communications provide the complete PR service for any business, large or small; operating in the public, private or not-for-profit sector. You can be confident we will create the right marketing content – be it a news release, in depth editorial, the right imagery, conversations with those who will influence your reputation or an event to raise your profile.

We take the broadest possible view of PR, whether we are advising your board, talking to the media, putting your products into the hands of your customers or highlighting the inadequacies of your competitors. Our properly targeted, well executed and thoroughly evaluated campaigns will reinforce your key messages making sure they are received and understood by the right audiences.

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